California Remodel Progress

Right before we moved to Utah, we started working on the plans for a client's remodel in California. They had just purchased a home on a beautiful lot, but the style inside was very brown and Tuscan. There is lots to be done and it is far from complete, but I can't wait to share bits and pieces as things progress.

Here is the before:

Old New House

Over the past several months, I have been documenting the progress of the custom home I am working on with Tiek Built Homes in Midway, Utah. The goal from the beginning has been to create an old new house. In other words, although it is a new build, we want it to have the charm of an old home. Steve has done a fabulous job at designing a floor plan that flows well, but does not feel too large or McMansion-y. The real charm, however, is in the details. The woodwork throughout is incredible and I have worked hard to select finishes that are clean and classic. We will then add color and life through layers of furnishings and accessories. Here are a few peeks from the progress around the home: