Guest Room Revamp

When Syd was cleaning out the garage last weekend, he kindly informed me that if I didn’t figure out what to do with that nightstand, it was going back to the Goodwill where I bought it from. That thing has been in 3 different garages throughout the course of our marriage just waiting for new hardware and a fresh coat of paint. So naturally I said we needed to revamp the whole guest room to use the nightstand. Let me preface this by explaining that our guest room has just been a bed and a jumble of fabric samples since we moved in. However, the revamp was easy (and pretty affordable) because we already had the furniture and bedding, but it needed major sprucing. I used several vintage pieces in this room and I have found that the trick to getting a “now” look (and avoiding the junk store affect) is by keeping everything else very, verycrisp. So it all started with this…

DIY Scrap Fabric Tree

This cute little tree is quite possibly my favorite Christmas decoration at my house right now. The best part is that it was so easy to make. First, I picked up a potted tree at Lowe’s and plopped it into a vintage bucket I had in the garage. I knew it needed a little more “sass”, but didn’t want to use ornaments or spend more money! So I picked up my scissors and started cutting strips of scrap fabric and tying them on the tree…easy, simple, and really cute. I just love how it turned out.