Ask Studio McGee: Our Favorite Black Paints

You know those light and bright rooms we all love so much? Yeah, me too. And although I like to make the majority of spaces feel that way, I also think it's important to keep a home from feeling too one-note. The perfect way to do this is to add touches of black!

Black doors? Black walls? See below for a round-up of our favorite black paints and how we like to use each one!


Sherwin Williams 'Tricorn Black' - The perfect saturated black that looks incredible in a high gloss finish. We often use this for a statement-making front door.

Sherwin Williams 'Black Magic' - A soft black that works great on interior doors (and walls) in a satin or eggshell finish. 

Benjamin Moore 'Soot' - A moody gray-black that works beautifully for interior walls without feeling too cold. 

Benjamin Moore 'French Beret' - A black with a serious blue-gray undertone. Great for really dark walls and exteriors without fully committing to black.