Before and After: Robin Road Kitchen Remodel

Remodels are so fun to share because they always have great before/afters! This project is no exception. This was one of the very first projects we started working on when we first moved to Utah last August. The house is a 70s ranch style that had been through a pretty rough update by the previous owners. 

Here is the before:

Why it Works: Wallpaper in Small Spaces

It's no secret I love wallpaper. Sometimes I have to really nudge (push, beg, plead) clients to use it because, well, it's a commitment. I have found that small spaces are the perfect way to give wallpaper a try - it has a big impact, costs less, and isn't overwhelming. We've rounded up a few of our favorite small spaces using wallpaper to convince you to take the leap! Links to all the wallpapers are listed below.

The closest I'll ever get to an Ikea Hack

I am not a DIYer. Projects either end up incomplete, messy, or I finish and can tell it's not the real thing (only to replace it in 6 months). I recognize that putting hardware on an IKEA piece is hardly groundbreaking, but the shelving units in our studio turned out so great that I just had to share! 

Studio McGee Home Collection

Over a year ago Syd and I were sitting at dinner with a dear friend of ours, who does textile and clothing design (he is now the Creative Director at STANCE socks), and he offered to help us figure out how to design and print home decor textiles. Naturally, we said yes! We got to work conceptualizing, drawing, editing, revising, printing and re-printing until we finally had our first collection! Then UPS lost some of our textiles and still haven't recovered them, so we had to delay things a bit to print more. 

Favorite Housewarming Gifts

I can speak from experience and say that moving to a new place is HARD. If you have the opportunity to put a smile on your face and welcome someone to the neighborhood (or congratulate a friend on their new home), you should! And let's be honest, a little gift is always a welcome gesture.

Our friends, Ashly and Karyn (we've known them from when we lived in San Clemente), just started Loom Goods - a shop filled with gorgeous pillows and accessories. We've teamed up with them to share our favorite housewarming gifts!

Install Day at our Robin Road Remodel

We had another big install day yesterday! We have been working on this with Tiek Built Homes since we moved here in August. It's a 70s rambler that has been updated a few times by previous owners, but was due for a big overhaul. I'll save the big before and after reveal for a few more weeks (we still have a final punch list that needs to be finished); but for now, here are a few snippets from the install yesterday. After months of planning, demo, decision-making and construction, it is so gratifying to move furniture in and see it all come together. 

Install (phase 1) at the Lynwood House

For the past 6 months, we've been working on a gut remodel of a charming Cape Cod style home in the Salt Lake Country Club area. Tiek Built Homes has been the design-builder for the project. Our clients are the coolest and have great style already, so this has been a very fun project to be a part of. The actual renovation is still wrapping up over the next week (and we are still waiting for some items), but we did a first layer install to get the ball rolling. Our goal has been to give the home a modern vibe while honoring its original character. Here are a few scenes from our exciting (and exhausting) day yesterday:

Farmhouse Kitchen Nook

Design projects seem to come in waves...we won't have anything to reveal for months and then they ALL finish up at once! That seems to be the case recently, and I am loving that we finally get to share some of what we've been working on!

Rangeview Reno: Master Bedroom

When we first started working with this client the master bedroom was not on the list to decorate, but I am so glad they added it. We continued the same elements from the rest of the house which you can read about here (entry, living, dining, play, nook).

The finished space has this perfectly California cool vibe - bright and airy, various shades of blue, natural elements and little hints of glamour throughout.