The Sunday 7: This week was wonderfully average until it wasn't

1. This week was wonderfully average until our family was struck with a bout of poison ivy…it’s been a long weekend of washing and sanitizing EVERYTHING. Headed to the dermatologist tomorrow. Wish us luck!

2. Grateful for a moments these:

Studio McGee

3. Trying to use this weekend as an excuse to reward myself with this splurge-y tote. HA.

4. I go through phases with J.Crew and right now our relationship is in a good place. They’re having another great sale right now and these are all tried and true pieces that I own:

5. Lots of questions about my lip color on insta earlier today.

My go-to combination right now is this lipstick (in “bare”) + gloss (in “boho”).

6. One of my favorite images of the week is this dark pantry from Park & Oak:

Studio McGee's Sunday 7: Park & Oak Design's Moody Pantry

7. Cheers to a beautiful week ahead! Xo-S