New, new, new! Fresh Decor for your home.

We’re feeling so inspired by our new arrivals. We drew from everything we can’t stop thinking about. Think terracotta, warm woods, dark tones, sculptural objects, and creating a combination of decor that feels found and high-end. See what we’ve got!

Substantial Texture

We found the biggest, most substantial stunning pieces of jars and vases. Each has unique texture that makes a huge statement while remaining natural. We love the found look they bring.


What makes a good decorative piece? Something that’s so beautiful it’s almost a work of art. This gives you an opportunity to let the accessories do the talking, no need to overdo it.

Great for shelves

We kept all your shelving units in mind with this batch of new arrivals.

We always say it,

but it’s all in the details!

A basket this cool creates a desire to stay organized and clean! Especially since you can see right through it. We love the wrap detail on the handle and raw look of the piece.


fresh scents

Let’s talk scents. Of course we pick out lotions, soaps and candles with beautiful packaging! But each scent is run by Shea, and we only sell smells she would use in her own home!