How to Create a Perfect Entryway

Design an inviting and functional entry way with a few tips and tricks! Watch the video to see how we came up with the catalogue entryway look and scroll down to get our steps for creating the perfect entryway.


Step 1: Drop Zone

We’re a little weary of “formulas” around here because we tend to break them more often then we think, but having a drop zone is too important of a function to skip! Anything from a console to a side table works as the anchoring furniture piece for your entry.

Step 2: Lighting

Again, another step that’s a function you can’t skip! If you don’t have a statement chandelier, opt for table and task lamps to create that inviting layered light into the space.

Step 3: Catchall Accessories

This is boxes, bowls, trays, baskets etc. — you name it! It’s where you can throw your keys into, store mittens and hats, and corral your other accessories like a nice inviting candle.


Step 4: Seating

When possible, we love to layer in a form of seating. It’s nice to have a place to quickly sit whenyou’re lacing up running shoes or snow boots.


Step 5: Mirror and Artwork

We look a good mirror to check yourself on the way out the door, but sometimes we’ll also opt for using artwork to set the tone and color of the space.


Step 6: Rug

We love the warmth and coziness that a good rug provides! Patterned rugs are especially great for bringing out various tones in other objects in the space.

For high-traffic entryways we love to use an indoor/outdoor rug or runner. They’re very durable and come in a variety of super versatile patterns. They’re just easy! Rinse them off by just spraying with the hose.

For ultimate comfort, use a cozy wool rug. They’re the softest landing spot for your feet, especially over cold hardwood floors in the winter. Very welcoming!

Step 7: Greenery

Oh, how we love adding in greenery whenever we can. This is the perfect place for a tree, forged branches, an arrangement, etc. If you’re a notorious plant killer or if you’re looking for something easy for a vacation home — try faux. But we always recommend that if you can go fresh, then do it!!

Entryway Inspiration

from past projects