Sketched Artwork, Please!

Let’s talk about sketched artwork. The simplicity is hard to beat, and the versatility makes it something we can all appreciate. Enjoy sketched portraits, landscapes and nature, or still life pieces that are meant to quickly capture feelings and memories.

A good sketch makes you feel included in the artists processes — almost like you’re reading midway through their journal.


There is a timeless element to a sketched piece. Even in its definition, it’s never intended as the final product, but as a way to quickly capture an idea. That romantic idea of attempting to capture lightening in a bottle draws us to the fine lines and organic shapes. The neutral palette which helps it pair with anything and go anywhere is just an added bonus!


A Leaned vignette

Styled in a built-in

Above a chair

Create a simple, but darling vignette by hanging a simple sketch above a chair. We love the special moment created here. Or hang alone on a wall and let the sketch speak for itself! This sketch is reminiscent of an old master etching — so, we are spot on by naming it “Etched City.”

Design by  Design Hunter

Design by Design Hunter

For any style

A large horizontal sketch is substantial enough to hang alone above a bed. At the Seashore sketched artwork is a perfect example of how a piece can work in a coastal eclectic space, or a more glam one!


In a Gallery wall

I love sketches ability to enhance rather than detract in a space, especially with competing artwork. We love to see sketched artwork make an appearance in a good gallery wall! Here’s our little how-to, if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the thought of putting together a gallery wall.

Design by  Lori Paranjape

Design by Lori Paranjape