Our Favorite Decorative Bathroom Mirrors

It’s all in the details you guys! Today we’re talking bathroom mirrors. Don’t get us wrong, we love a clean and simple bathroom mirror, they’re clean and sophisticated! But sometimes a designs calls for playing up the drama with something a little less conventional. We do that by focusing more on little designs that make a big difference: shape, materials, and details.


After all the design decisions you make in the bathroom, choosing a mirror can easily be overlooked. A simple shape and finish is an easy choice, but if you’re looking to add a new statement, a mirror can be that perfect place to play up your design.



The materials used in your products are everything when determining the mood for a space. We’re always excited to bring a taste of the outdoors inside in unexpected ways! The best part is that natural materials feel organic, but they totally make a statement.

Shea is planning on using the chic leather Franklin Mirror in her new home because it has a rich tobacco leather finish. It’s sophisticated and natural!



There’s a range of statements — sometimes it’s just a subtle detail and other times it’s a jaw dropper! Small details like handles, engraving, etc. are beautiful because they give you something to look at without stealing the show. But a big statement is fun too! Smaller spaces like powder baths are the perfect opportunity to test this out because you can play it safe with the rest of choices.

Design by  ASH NYC

Design by ASH NYC

Design by  Anna Braund

Design by Anna Braund

Design by Ashley Clark of  Shop sKout

Design by Ashley Clark of Shop sKout