Fresh New Bedding in the Shop!

Are you a morning person? Up at dawn and ready to tackle the day? Or are you a night person, who cashes in for the day as soon as possible? Either way, you deserve luxurious bedding that makes the hours of sleep you enjoy worth it. We’ve refreshed the shop, and added new bedding to McGee & Co.! We’re feeling inspired by texture as usual, and using muted tones to ensure relaxation. Shop now!

If you’re anything like us, duvets are a must. They’re the ultimate comfort factor in your bedding setup.

A quilt, throw, or blanket is the finishing touch. They have a throw pillow effect, bringing life, color and pattern to the space. We love an opportunity to bring subtle patterns like stripes in, and we’re feeling especially inspired by deep terra cotta right now.


Your sheets aren’t in plain sight like everything else in your bedding formula, but they might be the most important part! They’re the closest to your heart (literally), and you want a set that is beautiful and comfortable.