Swan Lake House Photo Tour: The Craft Room + Guest Beds

Welcome back to our Swan Lake House! Today is our last reveal, and we’re heading upstairs for some more guest bedrooms and a dreamy craft room.

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Should we start with the stairs? We had a lot of blank wall space and decided that it would be really cool to do this slatted wood wall treatment concept that’s more common in Japan, Australia, etc., but still gaining more popularity in the states.

Design by  Flack Studio

Design by Flack Studio


The style throughout the home is very sleek, with a restraint in color palette and materials. We were able to have fun upstairs with the Guest Bedrooms. This first space felt like it needed dark green on the walls, and we’re so excited our client went for it! The paint color is Nitty Gritty by Portola.


Some of our favorite details are the geometric black artwork and the leather bed detail. The obvious option for filling the space above the dresser would be a mirror, but we had so much space we decided to incorporate four pieces of geometric art instead! We filled the extra space with a darling stool with a cool leather detail. 


Painted walls allowed for a neutral, piece of black and white sketched art. At the Seashore is one of our go-to’s! A dark, textured table lamp sits at each nightstand, bringing sculptural details that bring the area to life. We love how it contrasts against the light nightstands! A large chandelier was necessary too.


Warm leather details, walnut oak, and beaded wall details make for a cozy guest bedroom. We complete the comfort with a chunky throw with thick pom details and woven texture.


We started with a chunky countertop and a floating vanity in this guest bath. We went with a dark on dark concept here by keeping both the cabinetry and floor dark, but the white walls keep it feeling light! We broke up the long stretch of cabinet with an open space on the countertop for little jars or folded towels. 


Spa-like details are crucial in a guest bathroom! Not only will they feel at-home, but they’ll enjoy a luxurious escape!


This space is one of the more feminine in the home! Our client has cute nieces that come over and stay so we wanted this space to feel special while flowing with the rest of the home.  We kept the white walls and even did a tone on tone effect with the white walls, white dresser and the white bed. I think we made a little bit more modern by doing this neon light above the bed!


A swing arm wall light adds some visual interest to the simple but elegant set up on the nightstand. The combination of white and brass is light and feminine.


Next up, we have the craft room, which might be one of my favorite spaces in the home. Our client wanted to create a space for a family to come over and work on all of their little craft projects. 


Before you give me a hard time about the stools on the table, know that we designed it to be counter height but there was a mixup in the workshop and we didn’t have time to shoot the correct seating. So that’s why these ones are so low! There’s a great detail with this blue grey cabinetry. 


We made a statement by using the same color on the walls and cabinetry, but chose a wood tone on the inside of the cabinets and coordinated that with the desk.


Every craft room needs a pin board! We included a hardwired sconce that reaches up and over and shines on all the inspiration. Soft abstract artwork pairs with the rest of the space.

The basement guest bedroom is soft and simple. We actually used the red pillows as a jumping off point, and worked around them with neutrals. We weren’t able to film this space in the webisode, so these images are brand new!


Our Dexter Nightstand has gorgeous walnut tone that compliments the warm gray headboard, complete with the coolest black hardware.


A small bathroom completes the guest spaces. Dark cabinetry and marble waterfall countertops are reminiscent to the kitchen island, and we made the walls feel taller with long sconces.