Our Guide for Rug Shopping

Rugs are essential. Here’s our tips for making sure you pick the right one!

Our most universal rug tip


Let’s start here. If you don’t have a rug pad, you need one. Not only does it make it a lot more comfortable, but it’ll save the life of your rug and help keep it in place. If there isn’t a size available in the pad for the rug you’d like, we’d recommend cutting the pad. We use this one!


Find the Right Size

As beautiful as rugs are, one of the main goals with a rug is function. Yes, color palette and pattern are also part of that, but you need something to work regardless if it’s pretty or not!! We create zones by using rugs to anchor furniture and create pathways. Here are some of our most helpful tips:

  1. Make sure your rug is large enough for your space! If the size isn’t substantial it will completely throw off the flow and feel of the room. One of our golden rules is to make sure the front two legs of the main furniture pieces are on the rug. We would never leave a rug floating in the middle of the room!

  2. We like the rug to fill the space, but not completely cover the floor! We’ve found that keeping 12-18 inches between the rug and the wall does the trick.

  3. For the bedroom, we do 8x10 for a queen and a 9x12 for a king. We love to have about a foot on each side of the bed. You don’t want it to feel too small, but we don’t love having them out past the nightstands. (This is a guide, not a rule book! There will be plenty of exceptions)!!

Our Guide to Rugs blog post is full of tips for choosing a piece depending on the size and needs of your space.



Layered Rug on Carpet

1. Can I layer a rug over carpet? Yes, if you have a low-pile carpet. It doesn’t look or function well over a shag. We typically don’t have a lot of wall-to-wall carpet in our projects, but we do put them in bedrooms and play rooms!


2. Can I layer rugs over rugs? Yes! We do this a lot with vintage rugs! They always bring warmth and character, but they’re one of a kind nature means sometimes you don’t get the exact dimensions you want. Sometimes a pattern can be overwhelming in a larger dimension and we’ll break it up with a natural rug. The biggest tip for layering, is put your rug over a natural rug, but think about scale when you do! You want it to feel intentional rather than looking like a postage stamp.

3. Why are some rugs so much more expensive than others? This about how one house will differ in price from another house the same size. Construction and material all play into the cost. We have a high-low offering on McGee & Co. because we find that each customer has different needs. Some are in their forever home and need a rug that’ll last the rest of their lives. Others have young kids, live in a rental space, or are furnishing a guest bedroom and don’t want to invest as much.

Dining room rug with an open concept home

4. What about rugs in an open concept living space? We typically choose rugs that complement rather than compete. For example, if you have a patterned rug in the living room, go for a jute in the dining.

Dining Room No Rug
Dining Room With Rug

5. When do you use a rug under the table? Look at our portfolio and you can see that we do it both ways — with and without! We love using a rug when we have the space and when we want it to feel a little more formal (but still not stuffy). We’ll skip sometimes when it’s attached to the kitchen area and feels off with walkways.

6. What about mudrooms, dogs, kids, etc? Indoor/outdoor rugs are great for high traffic areas like front doors and mudrooms. You can easily spray them off to clean them!

We used some really beautiful rugs in the past year, see for yourself!

If you’re on a budget, we have a roundup of 5 x 8 rugs under $500 here! But don’t forget, everything is on sale until the 24th!

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