Simple Styling: Kitchen Hutch Cabinets

Styling kitchen hutch cabinets is one of our favorite, foolproof ways to showcase decor, fill an empty space, and organize in style. Not only do kitchen hutches bring visual value and character to any dining space, they can also provide extra storage space and pull a room together quickly.

However, a big empty hutch with deep cabinet space can be daunting. It's easy to run out of ideas or items to style it with when you're starting from square one. Luckily, after years of styling kitchen hutch cabinets, we've come up with a few tips and tricks to help you style your kitchen hutch cabinets like a pro!

Tips for organizing and styling your kitchen hutch cabinets

Tip 1: Befriend Baskets

When it comes to styling kitchen hutch cabinets, baskets are your best friend! Using baskets as storage adds texture while creating a natural place to store items that you may not want on display, such as table linens, utensils, and other accessories.

We love using repeating large baskets on the entire bottom row for cohesion, and smaller collected baskets staggered throughout the cabinets for an eclectic look. For a unique placement, use baskets on top of your hutch for added height and distributed weight.

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Tip 2: Flaunt Functionality

Just because your serveware isn’t technically decor doesn’t mean you can’t use it as so! Put your favorite trays, pitchers, cutting boards, bowls, and cake stands on display by grouping or stacking them in categories. Mixing everyday items such as mugs or glasses with special occasion ware like pottery or fine china gives the hutch a lived-in yet curated look.

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Tip 3: Decide on Decor

Choosing decor may be the hardest part of styling your kitchen hutch cabinets, depending on your collection. As a rule of thumb, the results are best when you only use items you love. After all, a kitchen hutch brings attention to whatever is inside. On the other hand, decor should be used to fill in the blanks, so it’s important not to overcrowd your shelves with extra items.

When choosing your decor, look at the spaces you need to fill and consider height. We like to use a variety of shapes and sizes to create a contrast between our decor and serveware. If you have a grouping of shorter items, try styling a taller vase or piece of art alongside them. Likewise, if you need more width, stack your favorite cookbooks near larger, circular items.

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Tip 4: Evaluate experiments

Don’t be afraid to experiment when styling a hutch! Even with years of experience, it’s hard to get it right on the first try. Stand back, evaluate your creation, and add and subtract from there. After a few adjustments, you’ll find something that feels right for your space. Remember that you can always go back and re-style or update the look as the seasons change. Kitchen hutch cabinets can be a great place to display seasonal decor, collected antiques, or added color elements. As your style evolves, your hutch can too! Just remember to bookmark this page for next time, happy hutching!

There’s nothing we love more than seeing how our tips and tricks translate into your homes! If you created a look based off of this post, be sure to tag Studio McGee on Instagram for a chance to be featured!