One must-have in the future McGee Home: Archways!

We just love a good arch and it’s definitely something we’re doing throughout the McGee Home. No, I wouldn’t consider this a trend, since they have so much historical charm, but with the extra expense and work of creating them, you don’t see them often enough in today’s design. They can instantly make a space feel custom and beyond charming.

The main reason behind our inspiration is the McGee’s Home! It’s currently being built, and there’s a beautiful arch that’s built in the entrance:

Design by  Regan Baker Design
Design by  Mark D Sikes

Design by Mark D Sikes

Architecture by  Jan Gleysteen Architects  / Built by  Pioneer Construction
Design by  Ali Ross Design

Design by Ali Ross Design

We understand that you might not have the opportunity for a rounded archway if you’re not working with a new build, remodel, or an older home with one included. You can still indulge in the beauty of the arch with a Darcie Cabinet or Piaf Mirror!