Unexpected Places to Display Art

Our newest launch at McGee & Co. included the most beautiful antique-inspired artwork! To celebrate, we’re showing you were we like to display artwork in unexpected ays. These tips are great for those smaller pieces you want to incorporate in your space but don’t know how.

In Your Bathroom

Hang artwork above the toilet! Bathrooms often have less wall-space, and a giant piece might leave you feeling cramped. Don’t be afraid to stack artwork, even if they’re not the same size! You can also prop the artwork against the wall if you’re unable to hang it, or just want a laid-back feel.


In Your Built-In

Fill those built-ins! It’s kind of a daunting task, if you have large cabinetry and not enough books or decor. Smaller landscapes take up the right amount of room, and bring dimension and character to a flat wall. Layer them behind smaller decor or on top of books.


In your Bedroom

Artwork above the bed is always a good idea, here’s proof. But we love to see it incorporated into your nightstand as well!


Framed pieces of art or photographs feel even more personal when they’re placed on your nightstand because they’re the first thing you see when you wake up, and the last before you go to bed.

Design by  Kaemingk Design

Design by Kaemingk Design

In the Kitchen

Keep filling those shelves! We love how artwork makes a kitchen come to life, you don’t need to exclusively display kitchen utensils and dish-ware! If you have clear glass, or open shelving use the opportunity to really bring your kitchen to life! We especially love to see artwork with greenery, florals, or landscape because it brings an airy, natural feeling to the space you cook in.

Design by  Vintage Revival

Design by Vintage Revival


Out of space in your shelving? Prop it up on the counter for a casual feel.

Design by  Michelle R. Smith