New Artwork in our SM Collection!

We get so many questions about where we source our vintage artwork, so we’re bringing it to you!! Our new SM Art Collection is inspired by flea market finds and antique store pieces. These additions are exclusive, featuring artist enhanced paintings of florals and landscapes that have rich colors and vintage character. Style the artwork in anything from open shelving to built-ins, gallery walls or in any space that needs to be brought to life.



Vibrant reds, soft pink hues, and rough, uneven textures make the floral pieces vibrant must-haves for your home. We love the rich character and dimension they carry. They take our rule of “greenery in every room” to a whole new level!



Our beautiful landscapes have the power to transform your mood, taking you to another place. Whether it’s a beach or a cliffside, it’s as if you’re enjoying the ocean. Even the stormy scene is tranquil.