Introducing our Artisan Collection

Knowing the stories and backgrounds behind a piece of decor makes it that much more special. We're so excited to announce the artisan collection at McGee & Co.! Over the past few months, we’ve been connecting and collaborating with makers from around the world to turn utilitarian objects into heirloom pieces that will feel unique and personal in your home. 



This kitchen by The Fox Group was the perfect space to showcase our artisan collection. With the dreamy french range, marble slab backsplash, and a brick pizza oven, it's perfect for highlighting our handcrafted product. 



Let’s start our journey in Ethiopia. Crafted entirely under fair trade practices, we partnered with a small, women-led business to create hand towels with our own unique designs and colors. Hand loomed with locally sourced cotton and eco-friendly dye, the texture of these towels is truly unique.



The next few pieces in our collection are created by artisans in Hungary. Crafted from reclaimed or recycled 19th century buildings across Europe, our wood pieces are new but have a long history. We had this vision to create a set of bread boards where each one is eclectic in design, but work together in shape and scale. They also work as stand alone pieces—each with their own simple, impactful details.

It's all in the details.

From the leather ties at the handle, to the contrast in wood tones, our cutting boards stand out without creating too much noise on your countertops. 

unspecified copy 4.jpg

The soft silhouette of the pedestal bowl creates a beautiful accent that looks just as good empty as it does with fresh produce.


One of our favorite moments in this shoot was our simple hand blown dipped vase next to a vintage art piece and unlacquered brass hardware. We selected the size for easily creating a beautiful shape with fresh greenery and flowers. The dipped color is an inky gray blue that covers stems for clean, simple look.