Why We Love A Dark Office

The key to productivity is a well-designed office, right? Maybe not, but it definitely helps. Sometimes there's a misconception that dark walls or cabinetry equals a dark space. But that isn't the case! Dark paint often allows for natural light to fill the space, and it definitely elevates your design by bringing something bold to the table. We love an office that's sophisticated, bold, and full of character so we think dark walls and cabinetry are always a good idea! 

We've rounded up some of our favorite dark offices, from us and other designers! See how to get some of the looks, and get an idea why we're into them! 


The office of our Vineyard Parade Home is one of our favorites. We used Soot by Benjamin Moore and it contrasted beautifully with the brass Sophia flush mount.


Another classic contrast is our Claybourne Office! The green color is so unique without standing out too much, and with that moulding? It's got this classic, high-end feel that never goes out of style. 

Design by  Christina Cole

Design by Christina Cole

Here's another space that was begging for a coat of "Soot" paint! It reads more navy when paired with the Cairo rug. This office comes from one of our mountain homes, the Promontory Project. We love the casual elegance in this space. 


This office is less casual, more elegant, and so cool. From statement greenery to a bold pendant, it's definitely inviting. 

Design by  Theresa Rowe

Design by Theresa Rowe

We used Newburyport Blue throughout our Calabasas Remodel because it's so pretty. It would seem the Innuendo No. 3 was made to hang with this beautiful navy. 

Design by  Austin Bean

Design by Austin Bean