New Arrivals: Pillows & Decor!!

New Pillows & Decor on McGee & Co.!

You know us: we’re all about handmade products, one-of-a-kind pieces and balancing form with function, which is what makes our newest arrivals so great!  You’ll find pillows that pull inspiration from around the world—each with its own history and design process.  Each of our decor items were carefully chosen to ensure they just don’t just look pretty, but bring intentional design to your home.  Scroll down as we introduce you to some of our favorite pieces. 

New pillows and decor on McGee & Co.

New pillows

Decorative pillows
Amma Pillow

Amma Pillow

Our Amma Pillow is handmade in Oregon through an ancient Chinese handicraft technique. A canting tool and wax creates its intricately detailed pattern lending depth to your pillow collection. 

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Soma pillow

We love it when versatile and unique meet.  Our new Soma pillow is handwoven in West Africa so each is entirely one-of-a-kind.  Its rich blue color palette makes it easy to add to your mix! 

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Cactus Silk Pillows

Handwoven from silk from the Sabra Cactus plant and complete with embroidery and tassel details. Each pillow originates in Morocco and is entirely unique so you know you have the only one out there. 



Nila Sabre Pillow
New Decorative Pillows
Indra Pillows

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African Mud Cloth

Our Indra Pillow comes from Mali, Africa.  This African mud cloth is hand sewn and dyed with a simple geometric pattern that's universal. 

Cactus Silk Sabre Pillow

New Decor

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