How-To Style Our New Pillows

If you haven't heard the news, we released a new line of SM pillows!!! They're designed in-house and exclusive to McGee & Co.! We decided to send some to a few influencers and designers to see how they style our pillows! We're so inspired, we had to share them again here!!

view from my heels

If you can put a bench in your entry way, we say DO IT! It's an opportunity for extra styling, and makes the space feel cozy and welcoming. 

@viewfrommyheels (1).jpg


We're loving this dreamy bed situation. With a perfect gallery wall and a substantial amount of pillows, this spot is cozy and comfortable. But also beautiful!!! 

@em_rehabitat (4).jpg
@em_rehabitat (3).jpg


This view from Lexi Grace Design is the definition of laid-back and cool. We love how effortless and chill this nook is. Our pillows are versatile!! 


Mindy Gayer Design

We're not done showing off our pillows in cool spaces!! This one by Mindy Gayer Design makes us feel like we're on vacation. We love how the leather and stripe patterns on the pillows contrast with the rattan. 



The simplicity of this made bed is lovely and refreshing. We're all about layers, but with patterns as bold as the Addison Block Print, all you need is a complimentary leather. 

@athoughtfulplace (1).jpg


We'd love to take an afternoon nap here. The natural light that floods in and fills the space is so lovely! 

@_harlowejames (2).jpg
@_harlowejames (1).jpg