Small Business Saturday!!

Happy Small Business Saturday!


This day and movement has a special place in our hearts, not only because of our modest beginnings but because of the many small businesses we work with. McGee & Co. has and always will be about creating a diverse collection of products ranging from different styles, locations, prices, and aesthetics. This wouldn’t be possible without the many small businesses whose crafts bring so much life to McGee & Co.! Each one helps make their communities strong, unique, and vibrant and today we’re showing our support by highlighting just a few of these companies and their products. Don’t forget everything is 20% off this weekend!

We are celebrating the day in Costa Mesa at McGee & Co.’s own brick and mortar store! Those who have stopped by know it’s small, but thank you! We work hard to keep it well stocked with unique finds and quality goods, as well a contributing part of the Costa Mesa neighborhood.  For those nearby don’t forget everything inside is also 20% off this weekend! 

From 10am-7pm today, if you just come into the store, you can enter for a chance to win a year supply (valued at $396) of Babe Australia Candles + a $200 Gift Card!!!


Here are just a few highlighted stories of the small businesses we work with

Our own cut line of Studio McGee Pillows are created by local artisans. See how they work here:

Based in Woodstock Vermont, these old-world potters show through their craft how farmers, craftsmen, and makers are at the core of our communities. Each crock, jar, and board is formed by hand and speaks of quality and a more sustainable lifestyle.

From Bend Oregon, this company focuses on bringing the diversity of culture to the home. Each pillow is hand sewn in the small-town, from fabrics found across the world.

This textile brand is based in Portland Maine, a place often overlooked for its natural beauty. These blankets and textiles were designed to capture the essence of their home––woven of simple materials, high-quality, and made for everyday use.

Cable Knit Throw

Woven in Portland, Maine

We love our exclusive hand towels! These small-women led businesses in Ethiopia create each hand towel as a counterpart to mass-produced textiles. They’re all one-of-a-kind and hand crafted by local artisans from 100% local fibers.