The Sunday 7: Our Big News This Week!

1. The biggest thing that happened to me this week, month, year, entire career...we announced we're opening a McGee & Co. brick & mortar store in Orange County, CA!!! No, we are not moving back, but the short flight makes it easy to hop back and forth. You can read the full story here. I'm so grateful for our team as we are all working so hard to pull the pieces together to make the store a really great experience for you. 

Image via  Brooke Palmer

Image via Brooke Palmer

Also, the big day called for a big dress. These shoes are also surprisingly quite comfortable. 

2. We're bringing my whole family for mini vacation tacked onto one of our store check-in trips. And since it seems that right now is the time to go on a trip and escape the winter blues, here are a few of my resort-wear favorites: 

3. I can't stop pinning doors. They're such a great way to add personality and charm to a space. 

Design by:  Coco & Jack  Photo by:  Cameron St. 

Design by: Coco & Jack Photo by: Cameron St. 

Design by:  Cecily Mendell  Photo by:  John Merkl

Design by: Cecily Mendell Photo by: John Merkl

4. We had a photoshoot last week and I wore this shirt. It's loose, but still manages to be flattering which is my favorite kind of top. 

Image via Kate Osborne

Image via Kate Osborne

5. Color palette inspiration. 

Image via Christian Louboutin

Image via Christian Louboutin

6. Yesterday I woke up and decided that my oldest (she's 4) was ready to share in one of my greatest joys - antiquing. I wanted to wait until she was old enough to not pull everything off the shelves, so it would be a good experience for everyone involved! We had tons of fun! I bought a huge crock that's large enough to hold a tree and she scored a cute gold locket. She's been talking about 'tiquing ever since. 

I'm starting to get small glimpses of how wonderful it will be to share something I love so much with my daughters. For the first few years of Studio McGee, we've honestly been in survival mode. Of course we've had fun a lot of fun along the way, but it has also taken a lot of grit to juggle babies and business. I see Wren starting to comprehend what we do and she's so proud to tell everyone about it. I never fully anticipated how proud I would be to explain to my girls that I am a mother, entrepreneur, and that they can do anything if they put their mind to it. 

7. I'm all out of things to say. 

Have a beautiful week! Xo-S