Essentials For a Built-In Reading Nook

Something about fall makes us crave a cozy afternoon in a reading nook. But you can't just throw a pillow on a bench and expect the perfect nook to come together. Here are the essentials that make up a Studio McGee approved built-in reading nook. 

A Source of Light: Whether you choose a table or floor lamp, or go with a statement sconce, you'll need a source of light. Even if you're reading on an electronic device, you don't want your space to be too dark! 

Comfort and Color: We'll start by stating the obvious. Comfort is key, especially in a lounge area. Make things comfortable while bringing color, pattern, and texture to the space with your blankets and pillows. In a smaller space like this, pillows make up most of the decor, so they're absolutely crucial. 

Functional + Cozy Accessories: Not only is a candle a pretty accessory but choosing a scent you love sets the tone for a relaxing time. We like to lay pretty matches next to our candles. A magnifying glass is a fun accessory to use in a space with books.

If you're lucky enough to have a nook with a lot of shelving for books, you may need a decorative book or two as fillers. We also like to use decorative bookends. 

Side Table:  Because you need somewhere to put your accessories, table lamps, or hot tea.


Design by Amber Interiors


Photo from Benjamin Moore