Our Guide to Patterned Tile

It's easy to overlook the tile when you're considering paint colors, furniture, or other large parts in a space. But the tile pattern you choose actually sets the tone in a room and makes more of a difference than you realize! It's kind of intimidating to tell the different styles apart so we've collected our favorite example photos and made a correlating graphic for you to use!

Brick Lay 

Brick lay is classic, but it's definitely not boring! They're basic in the best way. Easy to install, they're never going to go out of style, and they're versatile. 

From our Studio

Photo from The General Muir

Herringbone Pattern

Herringbone is definitely a classic pattern, but it's much more modern and unique. It's bold, but dependable! We especially love to use this pattern with brick in a mudroom. It brings a simple space to life! But it totally works as backsplash, too. 

From our Windsong Project


Striped tile laying is just fun. You don't have to go crazy with colors, patterns, or other elements when you go with this tile. It's an easy way to mix things up without going overboard. 

From our Windsong Project


Stacked tile is a breeze to install, but you don't see it as often as you'd think! It's uniform feel is pleasing to the eye, and we totally love it. 

Design by Russell Groves

Alternate Sizes

Another modern, but simple way to step out of your comfort zone is using alternate sizes in your tile! It's not annoyingly noticable, but definitely makes a cool statement. 

Design by Doherty Studio


Our designers are dying over this tile lay! It's unexpected, but orderly. The best of both worlds!