Transitioning your Space for Warmer Weather

As warmer weather approaches we start to get an itch to refresh things in the house. We've gathered up our favorite tips and tricks for transitioning your spaces for warmer weather without having to completely redo everything!

Lighten up 

Switch out your heavy wools and shags for lighter rugs. When the weather is hot you don't want to be walking around on heavy, thick material. We love indoor/outdoor rugs because they're versatile, can be easily layered, and are easy to clean!

Transitioning Your Spaces for Warmer Weather - Studio McGee

This also applies to blankets and throws around the house. We like to use lightweight throws that will still keep us comfortable and cozy without overheating in the warmer months. 

Switching out throw pillows from time is so refreshing, and now is the time to add some bright colors and patterns into your collections. 

Fill your home with fresh linen! These lightweight hand towels are bright, natural, and refreshing for your bathrooms and kitchen.

Bring the outdoors in 

Use pots, planters, and bowls to hold greenery, florals, fresh herbs, or produce. Displaying basil and fresh fruit is not only beautiful, but convenient! Especially when so many yummy things are in season right now. 

Decorating with natural elements creates an open, natural feeling in your home. We like to brighten our surfaces and create texture by styling with beads and geodes. 


Bringing fresh scents into your spaces is an instant mood booster. During the spring and summer months we love to use lighter scents of Monokle candles and Izola products throughout the home.