Why We Love Tassel Pillows

We recently added new Decorative Tassel Pillows to McGee & Co, and we can’t get enough of them! Their worldly flair and textural detailing makes them a versatile option to pair with just about anything. The tassels add playful dimension without being overbearing, making a home feel collected and unique.

Faria Pillow in our Promontory Project

It's so easy to mix and match with our tassel pillows! Other textures and patterns play off the simple design of the base of the pillows and are brought to life when paired with the adorable tassels. 

Rishi Pillow  in our Promontory Project

Is there such thing as too many tassels? Probably, but we haven't seen it yet. We obviously love to see tassels and pom poms on a throw, too. It's so easy to pair them when the tassels and poms are so subtle. 

Reem Pillow  in our Promontory Project

Tassel pillows are versatile! Throw them in your mountain home, or your modern home! This open, minimal layout provides an opportunity to spotlight your absolute favorite products. Details like patterns, textures, and tassels really standout when the space is this open. 

Tassel pillows are sophisticated, and whimsical! Use them in your kids room for obvious play and excitement.