The Sunday 7: Hello from California

I'm currently writing from a hotel room in California for this week's Sunday 7. I promise that sounds more glamorous than it actually is.

1. We had an install in San Clemente on Friday right around the corner from our old house! My friend did the photography, my sister-in-law brought over flowers, our girls played with their cousins while we put everything together. It was pretty surreal. Even though we do projects all over the country (you can get a quote HERE), Syd and I have been scheming all weekend about opening a Southern California office in addition to our current Salt Lake location :)

Here's a peek from our install...I can't wait to share the professional photos soon! You can get the rug here and the chairs from here

Studio McGee project sneak peek

2. We went shopping at Lido Marina Village yesterday. It's basically the greatest little shopping experience ever. Everything is right on the water and each store is perfectly curated and lovely in its own way. 

Studio McGee
Alchemy Works
Serena & Lily

3. You might have an ugly bathroom, but Aesop soap will make it 10x more hip. Trust me. 

4. We released a new webisode last week! It's a good one. It was really fun to do a more traditional  project this time! People always ask how we describe our design style and I always tell them that we like to take our clients' personal taste and team it with our fresh aesthetic.

5. Now I have a shirt that matches one of my favorite pillows. Too far? Nah.

Studio McGee

6. I've been noticing a lot of islands elevated or with open shelving recently. I'm hoping for a project to incorporate this look soon. 

7. This weekend I felt really grateful that we could have the whole family tag along on our work trip. Sure, it makes it a little more chaotic at times (like when Ivy didn't want to sleep in the crib the first two nights), but I want to get better at taking advantage of the uniquely awesome setup we have because the craziness is worth it! 

Studio McGee