The Sunday 7: What Home Means

1. It was a good week! We filmed and photographed a bathroom renovation and debuted another video.  I would gladly put this bathroom in our own home and not change a thing. Here's a peek:

Studio McGee

2. LOTS of snow in Utah right now. They say it's the best ski season in like a million years or something. I'm not a confident skier, so I've signed myself up for lessons which I'm equally nervous and excited about. These boots carried me through the slush this week. 

Studio McGee

Get the basket and rug here. (photo by Kate Osborne)

3. I can't get enough olive green (or really any shade of green...except lime, duh) these days. And since I can't paint my cabinets like this right now, I think this cute tote will do just fine. 

Design by  Mazen Studio

Design by Mazen Studio

4. These trays are the cutest freaking thing to hit McGee & Co. this month. They come in check and three different stripes 1, 2, 3.

5. I let a salesperson and good packaging talk me into buying a new perfume recently and a week later realized I hated it, ha! Back to my tried and true fave

6. Do any of you work with your spouse? We get asked a lot about it. It's absolutely the best and only sometimes the worst. We actually see eye to eye on most everything, but the thing that gets us is not being able to turn work off when it's just us. And as our 3-year-old keeps reminding us, "Valentimes day is coming" and we really need to work on not working in our spare time together. I keep all the little cards Syd has given to me in these brass boxes. Those handmade notes are some of my most cherished possessions. 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

7. I focus on houses and what goes into them all day everyday, but recently I've been thinking a lot about what home means. And to me, it is this.

Studio McGee's Sunday 7