Guide to Family-Friendly Fabrics

The number one request we get from our clients is that they want their living spaces to be "kid friendly."  Trust us, we get it! Before I could even comprehend the toll kids take on your home, I thought that I could just raise kids that wouldn't mess up my light linen couch. HA! Peanut butter fingerprints and a few snags later, reality has set in. 

We want spaces to feel comfortable, livable and inviting. We have found that the type of fabric that is used in common areas can make a big difference on the durability of your furniture! We've rounded up a few of our go to fabrics and why they work so well for everyday use. 

In the living room of the Claybourne Project we selected an outdoor fabric from Restoration Hardware. We chose this couch in charcoal gray to hide crumbs and messes, and the outdoor fabric is more stain resistant but still soft. 


Leather is always a good option for family friendly spaces. Cognac leather is #1 request we receive these days. You can easily wipe clean spills and when the leather starts to get natural scratches it's still pretty and also durable. Leather is a classic choice and your most cleanable option for upholstery. In our Windsong Great Room we chose a couch similar to this one in Chestnut Leather. 

Manmade fabrics that contain polyester and solution-dyed acrylic make upholstery much more cleanable, so be sure to check the content! We recovered these side chairs in a blue polyester fabric to make them more stain resistant, so they'll wear better. It was an easy upgrade to a great shaped chair

Going with a printed fabric is also a great way to hide stains. We love using this look on accent chairs: