Friday Inspiration: Color Blocks

Friday is here so we're sharing our top pinned images from the week! There's nothing like kicking off your weekend with a little inspiration. 

The color blocked walls, whimsical toys, and use of raw wood in this darling kids room is so good. Have you ever seen so many cute stuffed animals?

Design by Kinderkamer Stylist 

Speaking of color blocking, how amazing are the red painted walls in this cozy nook? It's so inspiring to see fresh ideas like this one. Wishing we could scroll through Pinterest here! 

Design by Hawkins New York

There's nothing better than good greenery, and fiddle leaves are some of the best. We just got one in our shop, and we can't get enough. They do an amazing job of livening the space and bringing the outdoors in.

Photo from Atlanta Homes & Lifestyles

We love a bright, open, inviting space and this one nailed it. It's soft and natural, everything you want in a bathroom! That marble wall is so good. 

Design by Backbend Design 

It's freezing here in Salt Lake City, so outdoor showers have not been on our minds. But this changes everything. Summer come faster!

Design by Lene Bjerre

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