The Sunday 7: Atlanta Market and a Project Update

1. This week I went to Atlanta Market for the first time with our lead stylist to focus on finding new accessories for client projects and McGee & Co. I like to keep my buying trips short, so we usually end up literally running from vendor to vendor to see everything. It was crazy, but we found SO MUCH GOOD STUFF! I can't wait to use it all. A friend of mine from college recommended eating at Folk Art (for Food Network fans it was on Triple D) - it was delicious and not at all nutritious - totally justified after a long day, right?! My shoes are from here.

The Sunday 7 with Studio McGee

2. These are my favorite headphones. I have them in the white and gold (duh) and I wear them on flights, to the office, and to the gym (which I will need after our trip to the south).

3. I'm exhausted from our trip and fully intend to wear sunglasses to hide my tired eyes even though it is not even a little bit sunny outside. These are my favorite!!! And so is this leather jacket (it just gets softer and softer). Also, Syd laughed the entire time I tried to figure out where to look and awkwardly place my hands while taking this photo. Yikes.

The Sunday 7 with Studio McGee

4. Blow drying my hair has always been a dreaded chore. This towel has changed that! My hair dries so much faster now. 

5.  This color palette is really speaking to me - especially the burgundy tones. We just added this large burgundy bowl to the shop and it is AH-MAZING. 

6. Speaking of colors, I think we're heading to a warmer place with our neutrals. We've seen crisp whites and cool grays for quite some time. Let me first say, I will always love white! But I find our team being drawn to colors in the taupe/mushroom/cream tones more and more these days.

Studio McGee's The Sunday 7 - DeVol Kitchens

DeVol Kitchens

7.  We've been working on a project for the last year that is finally in that stage where things are really coming together. Sometimes it is easy to get wrapped up in problem solving, goal setting, and operational aspects of our business that need to improve. When we have installs or great site visits, I am reminded why I really just love what we do. This is the master bedroom at our #promontoryproject and it will have grasscloth walls soon!

The Sunday 7 with Studio McGee

xo -S