Styling with Decorative Beads


Strands of beads make their way into almost every project. Not only do they have that "found" look we aim for, but they add color and texture for styling.  We recently added some new colors and styles of beads to the shop! Because we keep getting asked how to style with them, we wrote up a few quick tips on how to style with them! They can take on different shapes and looks depending how you decide to cluster or lay them. It's fun to use such versatile decor like beads in a lot of different vignettes.


We tend to take 2-3 bead strands and cluster them. You don't have to arrange them, just let them be! We love them on a coffee table near a vase or candle, on a coffee table book, or layered into your built in.

From our Windsong Project

From our Foothill Drive Project

From our Country Club Traditional Project

Design by Kendra Smoot


Hang on table lamps, on the neck of big recycled vases, or even off your tables and shelves! This brings a whimsical feeling to the space, and creates some fun visual interest. 


Design by Megan Pflug

Photo from MyDomaine

Photo from Pottery Barn 

Design by House Tweaking

Mix Color/Material

There are bone beads, glass beads, metal beads, and wood beads. Collecting a few strands that you love and displaying them together makes it look personal and collected. We love that!

From our Claybourne Project

From our Windsong Project

Out of a bowl

This black catchall is the perfect bowl to display your beads. Styling your beads out of a bowl or catch all gives the styling an extra layer. The beads can drape of the side of the bowl or cluster inside.

Design by House Tweaking