Ivy's 1 Year Old Birthday Party - The Sunday 7

For awhile now I've been toying with the idea of doing one post a week that's a bit off-topic - a place to share everything from shoes and bags, to business and family vacations. 

Sunday seemed like the perfect day for this new series! 

1. Ivy's 1st birthday was last week! We kept it low-key and just invited family over for a little party at my parents' home. We had a make-your-own panini bar and several cakes from my favorite local bakery (go there for breakfast, trust me)! Ivy daintily licked the frosting until we took the cake away and she did NOT like that. It was such a happy day and I'm still in shock that my baby is 1! My mom did the beautiful flowers and you can get the cute crown from HERE.

1st birthday party
1st birthday party
Simple 1st birthday party

2. It's freezing and I wear this beanie every single day of my life. Also, this crock/ planter looks like old vintage farmhouse pottery and it's my very favorite thing right now! So is that little plaid towel. The rug and soap are also in the shop. 

Studio McGee's Sunday 7

3. I'm so inspired by dark exteriors like this one lately. The light wood door has my heart.

4. The new year is always a really good excuse to buy workout gear. I just got this jacket in the inkwell color and I'm obsessed. 

5. A lot of people asked about the ruffle sweatshirt I was wearing in our insta-story last week...it's from here

6. One of our team goals this year is to put out videos more regularly. I won't tell you how often because I don't want to jinx it! 

7. Do you make New Year's resolutions? My mantra this year is to find happiness wherever you find yourself. Stress has played a big part in my life as we have worked tirelessly to start this business. What I have realized is that there will always be something to stress about, so I need to stop carrying it around with me and be present. Cheers to a happy 2017!

xo -S

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