Friday Inspiration: Lots of Sun

Happy Friday! To kick start your long weekend we're sharing our top pinned images of the week and why they're so good...

We shared this image on our instagram a few days ago and it's so beautiful we thought it deserved a second look. The mix of materials and texture take black and white to a whole new level.

You know we love a good antique rug in the bathroom but the common subway tile placed in a different pattern is what adds that extra something special here.

How dreamy is this bedroom? The soft subtle tones and cozy textures create the perfect oasis that we could spend hours in.

We can't seem to get enough of the new dark door trend. This entryway proves how the modern look can still be bright and airy while adding a statement that won't go out of style.

We love finding unexpected places to add color and this teal bedroom wall is so fun!

Creating a desk area that's both pretty and functional can sometimes be tricky but this one does it right by mixing white with wood and adding "non-office" items to keep things fresh and beautiful.