How to Clean Marble

Here at Studio McGee we have a marble obsession and we're not ashamed of it! From kitchens to fireplaces, you can't beat the look of a natural marble stone. However, marble is a porous surface and is susceptible to etching or staining easily. Etching is what happens when acid eats away elements in the stone and creates a dark dull spot. There are two types of finishes when it comes to marble: honed or polished. Honed marble has a dull, matte finish. Polished has a shinny, smoother finish that reflects more light. Honed is less likely to etch, but is more susceptible to stains. Polished is less likely to stain, but can etch more easily! Be aware of your personality and your tendencies when selecting a finish for your marble. If you're willing to take the risk of marble, we've put together the best tips and tricks to keep your marble looking its best!

The most important thing to keeping your marble looking top notch is to make sure your marble is sealed when installed and sealed again every 1-2 years after that. If your stone is sealed properly it will delay any acidic substance from penetrating the surface, but that doesn't make it immune from everyday stains. We recommend putting coasters under glasses or pads under anything that will be sitting on the stone for long periods of time! See below for our step-by-step guide + favorite supplies. 

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