10 Accent Stools To Fill Any Space

We love using stools in various ways! They're a great way to bring that extra touch of color, seating, warmth, texture or balance to a space. See below for ten examples of how we use accent stools followed by a round-up of our top ten picks!

Add two stools on both sides of a console for extra length and more seating.

Leather compliments the end of any bed.

Placing stools in front of the fireplace adds more texture without blocking the esthetics.

Leather and lucite paired with a live plant is the perfect touch to any corner.

We love bringing natural elements into a bathroom and this wood stool is the perfect contrast.

When you have a large entryway stools can break up the empty by creating a space for more style and seating.

Make a statement with a patterned stool in the entry way.

This monochromatic stool in the bathroom is perfectly polished yet modern.

You know we love a good leather stool and this one fits perfectly under the console adding a hint of texture and warmth.