Mix & Match Studio McGee Pillows

With our brand new pillow line now available - it's the perfect time to illustrate how we mix together our old and new collections! The combinations feel endless but below we're sharing 5 ways to style a bed with our Studio McGee pillows.

When picking these combinations we like to think about how the colors, patterns, and sizes work together. If you decide to group three pillows think about keeping one of those pillows solid. If you're incorporating a pillow with a larger pattern consider mixing in another pillow with a more subtle or smaller pattern. Scroll down for specific sizing details and enjoy mixing it up!

Bright colors and patterns next to the solid navy provide a contrast we love. INCLUDED: Navy Velvet in 22x22, Oversized Check Spice in 20x20, and Watercolor Floral in a 12x24 lumbar. 

Going with a more symmetrical look is classic and easy to do right. INCLUDED: 2 Perfect Stripe Blush in 24x24, 2 Oversized Check Charcoal in 22x22, and Abstract Flora in 14x20

We love how this combination turned out by mixing blues and greys from our 2 collections. INCLUDED: 2 Perfect Stripe Grey in 26x26, Garden Vine in 22x22, Modern Mud Cloth in 20x20, and Oversized Check Seaglass in 14x20

Modern with a touch of feminine - this combination is one of our favorites. INCLUDEDAbstract Flora in 24x24, Modern Mud Cloth in 22x22, and Blush Velvet in 14x20.

This option is simple yet bold giving us a more streamlined, color coordinated look. INCLUDED: Navy Velvet in 24x24, Sketchbook Paisley in 20x20, and Perfect Stripe Indigo in 14x20. 

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