Video: Claybourne Project

Woot! Woot! We've got another video for you today. We'll be sharing the full tour with photos/details/links very soon. Most of the time, when we take on new build projects we select everything from top to bottom. However, in this home we came on a little later in the game and just selected paint colors and lighting throughout (the home was designed by Fox Group and cabinets by Christopher Scott); we also designed the two rooms you'll see. 

I love how everything turned out - from the green-black walls in the office to the modern leather sofa in the living room it just has a good vibe. These rooms are also a great example of how to stretch a budget to get the most for your space. One sofa is a splurge and the other is West Elm. The paneled walls are like art itself, so we saved by not hanging lots over it and filling the bookshelves with personality. The result is collected and beautiful: