Foothill Drive Project: Great Room

The great room faced the same types of challenges as the formal living and office - dark trim, beige walls and brown carpet. However, this room had one additional challenge...the fireplace! In the beginning, we were completely stumped as to how we would fix the rock fireplace since it didn't extend to the ceiling and we were told it could not be flattened out due to the venting. However, after some begging, the contractor said he would make a few calls. Thankfully, he found someone to redirect the venting so we could design the fireplace we envisioned. It was worth the hassle, because the new fireplace is the star of the room! Also, if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you see the video here! 

Here is what we started with...Like I've said in the previous posts, the house was really nice before - it just wasn't our clients' aesthetic. 


We often get asked why we carry the wood floors into living rooms and then put a rug on top. Because 1.) It makes the home feel bigger and not so choppy 2.) It just looks better! The living room has a soft palette, but still has depth through the mix of textiles. 

Lilac Chairs || Studio McGee
Foothill Drive Tour || Studio McGee
Coffee Table styling + Maidenhair fern || Studio McGee
Window seat next to fireplace || Studio McGee
Great Room Tour || Studio McGee
Abstract Art || Studio McGee
Details || Studio McGee
Foothill Drive Living Room Tour || Studio McGee

Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

Walls are Benjamin Moore Classic Grey | Gray Sofa | Console | Dotted Console Vase | Rug | Floor Lamp | Artwork | Stacking Boxes on Mantel|Mirror, Lilac Chairs, Fur Ottomans, Coffee Table, Brass Trunk, and Mercury Glass Lamps are all available through us! Email for info