Foothill Drive Project: Formal Living Room

We've been working on so many new build projects lately that I'm super stoked to have really good before/afters this week! We started working on this project last year and have been moving from room to room in the home...I was too impatient to wait, so we're sharing phase 1 of the project now and a few more rooms in a couple months! You can see peeks of the other rooms in the VIDEO. Truthfully, the house was nice to begin with - it was in great condition, the decorating was pulled just wasn't a good reflection of our client's style. She's been following our work for awhile and immediately started painting all the trim white and doing light gray/white walls in the main rooms. The crazy part about the trim is that it had rustic dings and dents in it, so the poor painters had to fill it all in. As you're about to was completely and totally worth it.


Before (1).jpg

We also re-stained the floors during the process (and since I know you'll was a custom color that we adjusted on-site, so I don't have the name!). Once we had a clean slate, the decor could really shine. Our client is happy, sweet, and just a really great person. I think you can get a sense for that in her family's 'new' home. She just wanted it to be pretty and then let us do whatever we wanted. Seriously. That is rare and makes me so freakin' happy when it does. 


Window Seat || Studio McGee
Coffee Table Details || Studio McGee

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Photos by Lindsay Salazar Photography

***Out of respect to our clients, we share some but not all sources!