Refresh Your Space in the New Year

As you pack away the holiday decor and get ready for a new year, it's always fun to reevaluate your spaces and give them a refresh. When restyling a surface it's best to clear everything off and start with a blank canvas. Make new combinations of accessories you already own and then mix in some new!

Restyle Your Coffee Table

Reinvent your coffee table by rearranging the decor you already have and adding in a few new accessories.

Update your look by swapping out your coffee table books. You can find our favorites here and here. 

Design by Suzanne Kasler


If you want a refreshed home, similar styling principles apply to consoles. You can trade decor that used to be on the mantle and bookshelves for your coffee table and consoles. Seeing pieces in a different place can make them feel like new!


Design by Hare & Klein

Restyle your Built-In Bookshelves 

Getting your built-in bookshelves just right can be hard! We tend to get a little attached when we finally get things just right. To make life easier without starting from scratch, change up groups, swap out photos and artwork, and trade out decor for similar pieces. 


Design by Amber Interiors

Restyle Your Mantle

The mantle is the focal point of your room. Use this as an opportunity to reinvent the space!