Haddonfield Project: Dining + Living Room + Kitchen

When we got our hands on this project, the home was beautiful but felt very bare. We had a tight deadline with this project - the challenge with short turnarounds is to create spaces that feel collected. We did this here by mixing materials like warm woods and brass and incorporating greenery.

In a dining room, a statement chandelier is always a great place to start. Not only are fixtures functional, but they work as a focal point. 

The Jacqueline Chandelier from our shop was a no brainer because it has a formal tiered shape, but clean lines that bring elegance to the table. The white acrylic beads more pared down than crystal and give casual, cool look.  

The black stone in the fireplace is tied in by the black, rustic nail heads on the the leather dining chairs. By using linen chairs on the end, we softened the look while breaking up the matching woods in the leather seats and table.  The rug adds a little color and personality while still looking dressy enough for a formal living room.

The console works as storage for wines and extra serving dishes and utensils. Having more horizontal space in the dining room for lighting, and food and drink overflow is a must! We loved how the doors added in more texture to the space. With the large, rectangular table, mantel, rug, and console, it's easy to fall into the trap of too many angles. We soften them with round accessories and features like the mirror, chandelier, and rounded chair backs. 

Oversized artwork is a simple way to fill in the space, bring in some natural color, and some much needed height.

We took advantage of the room's abundance of natural light by adding a lively green ficus tree. The custom drapery added pattern without being overwhelming. We love how light, modern, and (a little) glam the lucite curtain rod feels in the space. 

Our clients wanted comfortable seating for guests in a clean, tailored look. We needed it to be put together, but not fussy – so you can get cozy and enjoy the space!

We never get tired of calming colors – neutrals with accents of greens, blues, and pinks. Mixing metal finishes is visually interesting and gives the space elevated character when done correctly. We used brass in the floor lamp, table lamp, and coffee table. We used nickel in the ceiling light, console hardware, and mirror. 

We used the art piece as a way to add texture and bring out colors in the room. The dark indigo and subtle warm undertones accent the pillows and bring the elements in the space together. 

By styling traditional furniture spaces with a variety of textures in the pillows, we created a laid back, modern feel that still looks luxe. The shine of the coffee table glams up the natural rug – contrasting it in texture rather than color. The two toned wooden side table is another way to add instant contrast.

The kitchen was beautiful, but felt cold without accessories! We had a few styling tricks up our sleeves and were able to bring it to life! Starting with the woven roman shades and leather stools, we added texture and warmth to the space. The antique rug brought in color and gave the space a well-curated vibe and natural texture.

Greenery is always a go-to, it instantly makes the kitchen lively. We love fresh greens from our local greenhouses and home improvement stores. If you're looking for greenery that requires zero babysitting, our Weeping Eucalyptus Stems shown on the island are perfect. Their long wispy green leaves look natural and authentic. Accent the greenery with another touch of nature, by styling with wooden bowls and vases.