Haddonfield Project: Exterior + Sitting Room + Office

We couldn't be more excited about taking on the interiors of this newly renovated home in New Jersey. Starting off with amazing bones, our goal was to seamlessly combine the traditional charm with modern touches. Our client has great taste, so we were thrilled about all the possibilities to fill this blank slate.  

This space was completely unfurnished and bare, so we added some curbside appeal by filling the porch with furniture and plants. Starting with the large planters, we added trees for height and greenery. The smaller planter adds dimension and visual interest in contrast with the symmetry of the trees. 

Originally, our client wanted a porch swing. There is such a romantic, old-fashion vibe to a porch swing that is cozy and familiar. Unfortunately, there were structural limitations on this. We still wanted to create a simple, charming space to hang out - a cushioned sofa with striped throw pillows is a very cozy alternative. 

Our client likes to sit outside and sip coffee. This bistro table sitting area helps balance out the couch on the other side while providing a completely different function. Instead of aiming for symmetry, we wanted to achieve balance.

Upon entering the home, we created an eclectic gallery wall as our focal point. Contrasting a traditional landscape with a modern abstract made the collection feel new and curated. We played with matting, frame sizes and finishes, and different mediums. Lastly, we added in a sentimental piece from our client to complete the look. 

The basil flush mount instantly elevates the design of the entry. 

Just the idea of a formal sitting room is traditional by nature. We aimed to take the formal concept of a sitting room and make it feel causal and comfy with modern touches and a lot of personality. It's eclectic by definition – traditional furniture, abstract art and casual accents.

By contrasting the pretty, feminine color palette against the hard geometric angles in the light fixture and the raw look of the coffee table, we toned down the formal aspects of the space. The space looks put together without feeling fussy or untouchable.

You wouldn't know it by looking at it now, but this room used to be just a walled-off patio! Previously, the wall shared with the home was the bare exterior, which made it a little more obvious that it was added on. Now, it's a cozy office space.


We designed the room around this vintage rug our client found. The sleek desk and leather and chrome chair elevates the space with modern touches.

The striped boxes add functional storage to the streamlined design of the desk. The hour glasses are functioning as bookends. 


We added the fiddle leaf fig tree to give some much needed height and liveliness to the room, while filling the space. 

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