Friday Inspiration: Shiplap Ceiling

It's that time again! Scroll down for our most popular pins of the week and why we love each one. Also, don't forget to join us as we get inspired here!

When it comes to exteriors, often times less is more. This home is the perfect example with a bright white paint color that allows the arch windows and large shudders to steal the show.

Christmas is right around the corner and we've had so much fun playing with holiday decor! (See our styling tips here, here, here, and here). We love how this mantel uses non-traditional colors mixed with greenery to create a modern feel without losing the Christmas warmth.

This kitchen is the perfect mix of modern yet traditional. The shiplap ceiling and natural wood beams bring a warmth and charm while the brass fixtures and dark teal cabinets add the color and flair.

This mantel brings serious style with a mixture of organic elements and textures. The blush painting paired with greenery is so beautiful but when placed on a concrete fireplace with chevron brick? We can't get enough.

As mentioned here, blue is becoming one of our new favorite paint colors (but not just the deep blues). These built-ins are the perfect example of how light blue can also have a strong impact without being too overpowering.