Tips for Organizing Your Home

The New Year is all about a new start. Resolve to be that organized person you've always wanted to be! It's a great time to look at your space with new eyes. Declutter, organize, and make your space more functional. We use a combination of boxes, canisters, baskets, and trays in almost every room in the house to help corral the clutter and give everything a home. We're giving you some ideas for your kitchen, bedroom, and office that will help tidy your space while keeping it beautiful and fresh for 2017.


In the kitchen, organization and styling go hand in hand. Have items you use every day at arm's length with canisters. Always have your utensils close by your stove, and minimize clutter with trays and bowls. 

Organization Storage Ideas
How to Organize

From our Midway House Project


When you think about organization in the bedroom, focus on making your space more functional. Your bedroom is such a transitional space – sleeping, changing, etc.  By adding baskets and boxes in your room and catch-alls on your nightstand, you can add functional and accessible storage that looks great too!


From our Foothill Drive Project


From papers to paper clips, use a variety of storage sizes to organize the office. 

How to Organize the Office

From our Windsong Project

Bathroom and Laundry Rooms

With very little counter space, make the most of your bathroom styling with simple organization. Use trays to anchor smaller items, and canisters for organization and height.

Organization Ideas for the Bathroom
Organization Storage Ideas
Laundry Organization Ideas