A Quick Guide to Christmas Gift Wrapping

Whether you're giving neighbor gifts or preparing to play Santa in your house, we've got a few tips to make your wrapping job a little merrier!  


First, we curated 3-4 complementing patterns. Rather than see presents wrapped in a bunch of different patterns, the coordinating patterns and colors makes relieves the eye from a patter overload. It's easy on the eyes to see a palette and a pattern repeating under the tree. Mixing in a couple solid colors helps break up the patterns. 

Second, collect your ribbon. You can add contrasting for some gifts and complementing colors for others. We like playing with size and fabric with varying widths and materials. We love to get them from local craft stores, Crate & Barrel, or etsy! 

Third, add in cute ornaments! It's like a gift on top of the gift that personalizes the wrapping and makes it fun. We love to use a mix of vintage and new. 

Fourth, a sprig of green. It's a fresh, seasonal touch that smells like Christmas!

Fifth, finish with a tag! Add a cute personal note that let's people know how much you care! It also helps to ensure there are no gift mixups. 

Dressing Your Console for the Holidays
Dressing Your Console for the Holidays
Dressing Your Console for the Holidays