How to Create a Holiday Floral Arrangement

Flowers are always a good idea! As the holiday season approaches, we're prepping for guests and putting in some extra effort by adding holiday color with florals. We enlisted the help of Ashley Beyer from Tinge Floral to give us a couple pointers on creating the perfect holiday arrangement. From adorning a holiday table to decorating a mantel, make a show-stopping arrangement for your gathering!

How to Create a Holiday Floral Arrangement

"When building an arrangement I always like to start with the color palette. I never like to just choose two colors, but instead will find different tones in a color family so the palette is easier on the eyes. This arrangement has a pretty high contrast so instead of mixing all the colors together I kept them in groupings so that your eye can move happily through the arrangement."


"You can turn almost any vessel into a vase for flowers. I used this gorgeous brass bowl from McGee and Co. It has a taller shape, and nice sized opening to allow for a full arrangement for a table. When thinking about the vessel you choose, make sure it's appropriate for where it's going. If it's too tall, or two wide it might not make sense for a dining table. You want to make sure that your guests can see over it to converse with each other, and of course you'll want room for the food!"

Placemats  and  Gold Pot  (size small shown) from  McGee and Co

Placemats and Gold Pot (size small shown) from McGee and Co

"To keep your flowers in place, you can use floral foam, or chicken wire. Chicken wire is great because it keeps your flowers hydrated for longer and it's very inexpensive. Just cut a large enough piece to form a ball that will fit snugly into whatever vessel you choose. Foam is great if you you are transporting your flowers and you don't want them to move, or if you have a very shallow vase. If it's too shallow, it will be difficult to keep enough water in the vase to keep your flowers hydrated."

Holiday Floral Arrangement How To - Studio McGee

"To get started choose your greenery, and start building your shape. I like to design asymmetrically so I tend to have a high and low point with each ingredient I place. Once you have a few pieces of greenery and a nice shape to get you started, I add my largest focal flowers, in this case the large red charm peonies. Make sure the flowers sit at different dimensions for a more natural shape. Cut some stems high and push some down deep. Dimension invites your guest to really observe and enjoy all the layers of your arrangement."

How to create a holiday floral arrangement

"I used many different textures as well. Fruit adds interest and nice visual weight to what you are creating, especially this time of year! It feels festive and vibrant." 

How to create the perfect holiday arrangement