Front Door Decor: Magnolia Wreaths

A little accessorizing can make all the difference for your curb appeal. Plus, it's fun. We've got a new faux magnolia wreath for McGee & Co.  and think it's the greatest! 

Front Door Decor

Did you know that Magnolias pre-date bees? They are an ancient and large genus with over 210 species. Thanks Wikipedia. You don't have to be an expert to know why they are so beautiful – large leaves, beautiful bus and flowers, etc. We love the faux wreath because it looks full and real. You can even see the up-close detail, which is what separates this wreath from other artificial ones. The tan backside of the leaves offers a little depth and variety for an organic feel. 


Hanging wreaths on your door is simple. We get a wreath hanger at a craft store or home improvement stores. We like choosing a color that matches our door or sticking with black. When you order our magnolia wreath, we provide the ribbon. The ribbon allows you to hang the wreath at the perfect height on your door, plus it adds a cute finishing detail!

Front Door Decor

Make your guests feel welcome with a doormat that really spells it out for them! Our welcome mat is new to McGee & Co.!!!!