Friday Inspiration: Best Porch Ever

With the weather getting cooler we're becoming more inspired by natural elements and calm moody tones. See below for why we love these top pins...

Oversized magnolia leaves are the perfect way to start prepping your home for the holidays without going too over the top. This porch has it draped effortlessly so it makes a statement but still feels clean and cozy.

As mentioned here, we're really into natural wood tones in various forms. This living room does it so well with the wood beam, bench, and flooring. The key here is how they've broken it up with colors and textures which creates warmth without being too heavy.

How perfect is this grey/blue cabinet color!? If you still want the bright airy look but are tired of white, this is the way to go. It's calming and easy to pair with darker tones for contrast like the leather stools, antique rug, and dark hardware.

Not many things make us happier than a well styled bookshelf! There's so many directions you can go but this one stayed neutral and we love the clean feel it brings. The grey paint creates a statement on it's own so keeping the accessories subtle definitely works. Stay tuned next week for our "How to Style a Bookshelf" tutorial!

You can't go wrong with white shiplap + stripes! The dark table and chairs bring out a neutral contrast that's not too bold. It's the perfect way to achieve a modern yet traditional look that won't go out of style.