Get the Look: Contrast Kitchen

Designing a kitchen can be daunting when faced with so many details. It's hard to figure out where to begin and how to tackle the options. For us, it starts with inspiration! So today we're sharing an example of how to use photos to help guide your design. We were stunned by this kitchen from Ali Cayne's home (found on My Domaine) then searched for other kitchens that followed the trend.

From these ideas, we created a board highlighting the concepts we liked best: high contrast without losing the bright clean feel. It's built from a foundation of deep gray blue shaker cabinets that are tied in by the subtle veins of gray in the Carrara quartz countertop. We love the durability of this material and how easy it is to care for quartz countertops. The look is contrasted by the white counters and subway tile.

From there we gathered options and choices onto a design board. This allows us and our clients to visualize the final product and see the cohesion in our choices.

As you may have noticed we like to mix metal finishes so the space flows without feeling "matchy-matchy." Here we used polished nickel with brass, which complement each other without competing. The oak wood shelves soften the look with an organic element. Tie in the shelves with cutting boards and complete the look with accessories.